celebrating the bounty of nature and pays tribute to those talented individuals who have nurtured these wonders. Located in the United Kingdom off the coast near France, this event sees abundant floral displays from across Europe brought together for one grand display that is sure to delight any passionate traveler or flower enthusiast. Taking place each August, this multi-day event includes fun activities such as parades and live entertainment along with all manner of stunning creation made out of carefully arranged flowers, seeds and more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this beloved British summertime tradition so special!

Exploring the world has long been a source of intrigue, adventure and fascination. Learn about the beauty of one flower celebration that pays homage to a unique cultural heritage – The Jersey Battle of Flowers. Taking place annually in Saint Helier on the British Isle of Jersey, this festival brings together vibrant sights and sounds from around the world every August. From intricately crafted floral floats to flamboyant performers, experience all that makes up this beloved traditions as its origin story takes root in both military valor and agrarian perseverance.