Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life! Let our Florists help you wow your guests!. To help make this a very special day for both bride and groom, East City Flower Shop draws on it’s 50 years of experience to help you make your wedding day perfect!

We have been assisting brides with their special day for two generations, and are very happy to offer you our free online Wedding Planning Service, a web-based tool we have developed to allow you to quickly and easily choose from a wide assortment of wedding flowers including customizing your selections to create the most warm and romantic environment possible for your ceremony. When you submit a request using our Wedding Planning Service we will contact you with a pricing quotation, and, we will also provide you with a free copy of WedServ’s wedding planning software, an organizational tool that will further help to ensure that your joyous event goes off without a hitch.

Using East City Flower Shop for your wedding flowers and arrangement needs, you have many options that you may choose from including our popular traditional wedding packages, as well as our individually chosen ‘a la carte’ items. You can review these options and pricing below, and then contact us or use our free online Wedding Planning Service.

Traditional Packages

Our exclusive wedding packages are designed to make planning your special day easier by giving you two traditional and economical options to cover your floral arrangement needs.

These time saving packages are detailed below:

Package #1


Bride’s bouquet 24 roses
Maid of Honour 18 roses
3 Attendants 12 roses
12 Boutonnieres 1 roses
6 Corsages
(pin on only)
2 roses
8 Tablecentres 12 roses
(vases not included)

All this for only $649.00

Package #2


Bride’s bouquet 24 roses
Maid of Honour 18 roses
2 Attendants 12 roses
6 Boutonnieres 1 roses
2 Corsages
(pin on only)
2 roses
6 Tablecentres 12 roses
(vases not included)

All this for only $449.00

Choose from 10 rose colours:
Red, white, cream, soft pink, hot pink, leonidus, yellow, orange, purple and apricot.

The Wedding Package price is for one colour of roses only. If you wish to add another colour, there is a $25.00 charge.

Or select from the following a la carte options

If you feel that the above mentioned packages don’t suit your unique needs, you can choose each item separately.

Bouquet $45.00
Boutonnieres $10.00
Tablecentres $45.00
Baby’s Breath $5.00
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