Love is in the air! And so is the fragrance of flowers this Valentines Day. Flowers have for centuries been the number one way to express your love for that special someone.

The middle of February was not only when Valentine’s Day falls: it used to be a time for fertility festival celebrations. For centuries flowers have symbolized fertility, love, marriage and romance – just like Valentine’s Day. It is, therefore, no wonder that the Flowers Canada recognizes Valentine’s Day as being the reason for 36% of all fresh floral purchases in North America. Flowers – a living, fertile reminder of love – remain a perfect gift for this holiday.

Dreaming of a special gift for your partner, your friend, Mom, Grandma, or the people who care for your children? Give them something beautiful and alive. What better gift could there be than flowers? It does the trick! Whether you want to spoil her with a bouquet or whether it is the romantic simplicity of a single, long-stemmed rose, there are so many ways to use flowers to show your love for the people in your life.

Every flower says something different and that is certainly true when it comes to love. Roses are the most commonly used flowers on Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, we want to stick to the most romantic flowers: red roses.

The number of roses you send can convey different meanings. For instance:

  • A single rose means that the recipient is the only one for you.
  • Three red roses say, “I love you”.
  • 11 roses given means that the giver of the flowers is the missing “12th”
  • Giving two dozen roses is thought to mean the same as giving someone your heart.

Other flowers that are great for showing how much you care are gardenias for a secret love.  Purple larkspur is beautiful to send to your first love.

If you do not like the traditional rose, you can always send you beloved their favourite flowers to show how well you know them. At East City Flower Shop, we provide fresh flowers for your special person. We are committed to helping you pick out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We can help you make the perfect selection, and deliver your feelings with care.