Floral gifts are a great way to celebrate the end of the year and the festive season. It’s not always easy to decide between green plants, flowers, bouquets or other types of arrangements. Here are a few tips and ideas to consider when investing in floral gifts for your colleagues, friends, or loved ones this year:

Should the floral gift be a decoration or a gift?

While many people buy flowers to serve as decorations this time of year, it can also act as a fantastic gift. Some of the popular flowers for festive season arrangements include red poinsettias and casa blanca lilies. For a festive look and feel, also consider green Fuji mums, plum flowers, red roses, and tulips.

Consider ornament options

To make your floral gift really stand out, consider silver wrapping around the stems of the flower, glitzy ornaments, plastic bells, candy canes, red berries, ribbons, candles, a tree ornament, or wrapping that looks like gift wrapping paper.

What if you’re not sure about the person’s religion?

Flowers are an appropriate gift during the festive season, regardless of the person’s religion. Whether they are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or the Winter Solstice, everybody enjoys flowers. Simply choose a beautiful arrangement or bouquet that you would have liked to receive yourself.

Another option is to contact your nearest flower shop and construct a vibrant coloured wreath with fresh flowers and evergreens. Regardless of the type of floral gift that you are looking for, East City Flower Shop can help you. Contact us for your floral gifts for the holidays this year.