Are you and your partner celebrating an anniversary soon? Congratulations! Love, romance, commitment and happiness are all things to be valued and celebrated. Whether you have been together for a few months or a few decades, it is important to take note of the special day and show the person that you not only remembered the significance of the date, but also that you continue to appreciate him or her.

Why flowers?

Flowers have been given as gifts for many, many years. This is a romantic gift that will definitely make your partner feel special. An added benefit is that people will ask what the occasion is, and when he or she mentions that it’s your anniversary then more people can share in you and your partner’s happiness.

Did you know that there are specific flowers for each wedding anniversary year? While this is simply a tradition and any bouquet or arrangement is sure to be appreciated, it’s fun to consider how you might incorporate this tradition into your floral gift.

Anniversary Year 1: Carnations (meaning: commitment and joy)

Anniversary Year 2: Lily of the Valley (meaning: devotion and purity of your relationship)

Anniversary Year 3: Sunflower (meaning: strength in fidelity and loyalty)

Anniversary Year 4: Hydrangea (meaning: appreciation and gratefulness)

Anniversary Year 5: Daisy (meaning: innocence of a romantic future)

Anniversary Year 6: Calla lily (meaning: beauty and growth of love)

Anniversary Year 7: Freesia (meaning: faithfulness and trust)

Anniversary Year 8: Lilac (meaning: first emotions and fondness of a couple’s love)

Anniversary Year 9: Bird of paradise (meaning: splendor of celebrating love this year)

Anniversary Year 10: Yellow daffodil (meaning: simple pleasures that a couple shares together)

Anniversary Year 15: Rose (meaning: beauty and simplicity of love between two people)

Anniversary Year 20: Aster (meaning: prosperity and wisdom)

Anniversary Year 25: Iris (meaning: faith and promise of a successful marriage)

Anniversary Year 30: Lily (meaning: abundance of beauty, devotion and pride)

Anniversary Year 40: Gladiolus (meaning: remembrance and vibrancy)

Anniversary Year 50: Yellow rose & violet (meaning: faith, humility and virtue)

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