Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does FTD work?

FTD is a clearing house for floral orders. The sending florist submits the order through the FTD computer system which then routes the order to the florist of choice. The transaction amount is then deducted from the sending florist's account and added to the receiving florist's account.

2. How do I know my flowers will be nice?

FTD has high membership standards and provides it's members with a contact list of fellow members. Additionally, having been in the floral business for twenty years, I have met many of the top floral designers across the country and know the quality they produce first hand.

3. Where do your flowers come from?

Flowers are no exception to the global trading world in which we live and are imported from around the world every day. Within 24 hours of being purchased, they arrive in Toronto and are auctioned daily at the Dutch Clock Auction. They arrive in the florist's shop the very next day.

4. How does the florist know what to buy for upcoming holidays?

The choice and quantity of flowers a florist brings in for holiday fulfillment depends on a number of factors: the day of the week the holiday falls on, the time of year, and detailed notes from previous years' sales.

5. How much will my wedding flowers cost?

How much does a car cost? The answer is - it depends. There are a number of variables and each wedding is a custom order. The number of bridesmaids and guests (for table centres), the size, and type of flowers are all factors. The best approach is to set a budget first and then go to a reputable florist that you TRUST. This is a special day and your flowers are not the place to cut corners.

6. If I don't have preservative can I use aspirin?

Yes you can, but it's not the most effective method. The best preservative is from a package and used according to directions. The next best is to mix 1/2 cup Sprite with 2 drops of Javex.